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Welcome to the home of Papa and His pet Furfur.


Diapers/ABDL Poor Furfur is a pet that never quite got housebroken. Papa still occasionally tries to take Furfur outside and make His pet use the pee pads but diapers seem to be the best solution and of course Papa can’t help but to regress his pup a bit at times.
Chastity – Papa likes to reward His pet with sex. Papa has locked himself up and away from Furfur — only to be released for good behaviour. Papa also enjoys chastity challenges because they in-turn torture His pet as well. Currently Papa is currently at two months locked — poor Furfur is going to be squirmy for a while.
Humiliation  – Nothing makes Furfur squirm more than being humiliated and embarrassed.
Medical – Pet’s need regular checkups and Papa is more than happy to give them, or take Furfur in to get one. Pets usually don’t behave the best at the vet but Furfur is slowly getting used to them.
Spanking/Domestic Punishment Papa enjoys keeping Furfur in line through various punishments, spanking is one of His favourites.
Domestic Servitude – Papa enjoys a clean house and being served in return for caring for His pet. He is constantly putting Furfur through the paces of Domestic Servitude.


If your fetish is not included please contact us for more details. We’re more than happy to try new things and share it with you. 


18+ A DL and His pet